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Liberate Tate

We sat down with Mel Evans from Liberate Tate to discuss art, activism and why it is absolutely necessary to remove corporate sponsorship from cultural institutions. Liberate Tate have been campaigning for the dissolution of Big Oil sponsorship from Tate for the past six years; using performance as an act of civil disobedience, the collective have infiltrated, occupied and ultimately brought the twenty-six year sponsorship to an end.



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By Nick Morrish Rarity

Junkspace premièred in April by the Workers Union Ensemble. Rarity explores stratified temporalities and recursive structures, with anthropocenic and

spatial concerns motivating his approach to form and texture.





L'opera incongrua

Philly Hunt places banana's at the root of Peckham's cultural diversity; re-branding its colonialist past and its position in a globalised environmentally contentious food trade.

Craig Coulthard makes non-combative air crash sites in the UK visible through his topographical ceramic sculptures. Re-affirming his belief that there is little if any space in the UK where we have not made a mark of some kind.

Over the course of two years, Alana Tyson has made work about the last active reactor and now since decommissioned Wylfa nuclear power station in Wales.

After undergoing a sterilisation procedure at the age of 23, Metra Saberova addresses the moral and ethical responsibility we have to the environment when bringing children into the world.


Goodbye, Motherland

By Andrei Liankevich

Plastic Trees

By Alex Talbott


Arctic Eye

How much do you personally worry about global warming? Is global warming a threat in your lifetime? When will the effects of global warming happen? Australian artist Katie Turnbull asks the big questions in her mesmerising new video on climate change in the Arctic Circle.

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